Appalachians for Appalachia x Three Sheets to the Wind LAUNCHES!
Three Sheets to the Wind is a project built upon the collaboration of Three Stories Tall and Musical Moonshine, two full-service video production companies who share a passion for music, service, and their home state. They also share years of experience working professionally within the Kentucky creative community, building a variety of projects and collaborating with some of the most important artists, businesses and organizations throughout our region. Through their collaboration, Three Sheets to the Wind is a platform which seeks to create artistic, visually innovative performance-based video content in collaboration with key members of the music community and nonprofits of the region in order to provide exposure to the important groups who are doing quality creative and community work. Through each episode of Three Sheets to the Wind, musicians select a nonprofit to support. Audience members are encouraged to place donations toward that nonprofit, and will be given direction on engaging and supporting the mission of the organization.  All net proceeds generated by audience donations go directly to the nonprofit organization the episode is sponsoring. Three Sheets to the Wind is supported by Appalachians for Appalachia, a grassroots advocacy movement preparing the next generation of Appalachian leaders to drive progress in the Mountains. They develop research and policy recommendations that center justice, equity, resilience, and sustainability for our region.